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Let us combine Serens tome with Arcane spirit shield


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Right now arcane is getting outclassed by Seren's tome everywhere, meanwhile being an "iconic" item. The only place where I even can imagine arcane being slightly better at is at tob for freezing.

The new arcane would be untradeable and removing the tome to make the arcane tradable again would result in a loss of the tome.

Example for Arcane's new stats after combined with Serens tome (only writing out what's changing):

Attack bonuses: -

Defence bonuses: 

Stab: +43

Slash: +45

Crush: +63

Magic: +7

Range: +42

Other bonuses:

Magic damage: +5%

Prayer: +0 



* Seren's tome sink.

* Lets us have a really cool iconic shield equipped.


* Might make the arcane a bit to powerful. (which the tome already is)

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