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Zaros Update – 2021 Christmas Event


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Happy Holidays, Zaros! With the end of the year approaching, we wanted to deliver one final update before the staff team parts ways to see family, friends, and loved ones. Lots of new content is planned for the new year and we can't wait to get started on it when returning in January. Until then, enjoy the following updates and changes to Zaros:
Christmas 2021:
  • Christmas is coming soon and we wanted to do a small celebration in game. Speak to Santa in Edgeville to learn more about how the event works. Throughout the event you will have a chance to obtain two new versions of the Santa hat. The event will end on January 1, 2022.
    • Collect wrapping paper by gaining experience in any skill (including combat)
    • Wrapping paper will go to your bank (unless you're an ultimate ironman or already have some wrapping paper in your inventory).
Game Bonus Statistics:
  • Since Zaros has released over a year ago we've added a variety of game bonuses to help players achieve their goals faster. These span all sorts of content and come from things such as donator rank, bonus scrolls, item benefits, skillcapes, and as of recently - the town board. It can be confusing at times (even for us developers) to keep track of all the juicy benefits the server gives, so we've added an interface to solve just that!
  • Accessible through the Zaros Statistics tab (purple icon) under Misc section (towards the bottom).
  • Features an icon key/legend and category filter at the top.
  • Each bonus grouping is laid out with the following information:
    • Name and description - this will describe specifically what the bonus applies to and any other important information you need to know.
    • Total bonus - this value is indicated at the top right of each bonus group.
      • Values listed as a single percentage (e.x. "60%") are self explanatory.
      • Values listed as a range (e.x. "15% - 40%"), meaning you could get anywhere from "15% - 40%" (in total) depending on bonuses that require a specific circumstance (e.x. farming skillcape bonus only works on herb and allotment patches). These bonuses are listed with a conditional icon (more on that below).
    • Bonuses - a list of individual bonuses that this group consists of. The format for each bonus (from left to right)
      1. Icons - These represent the type of bonus:
        • Permanent - bonuses that are permanently gained (such as donator benefits, town board unlocks, ect) and will always be active.
        • Temporary - bonuses that have an expiry (server events, bonus scrolls, ect)
        • Equipment-Only - bonuses from items that must be equipped to take effect
        • Inventory-Only - bonuses from items that must be in your inventory to take effect
        • Equipment OR Inventory - bonuses from items that can be either in your equipment OR inventory in order to take effect.
        • Conditional - this appears secondary (to the left of) all above icons. This bonus has a conditional statement (seen in parenthesis next to the bonus name). Example of a conditional bonus: "Skillcape (allotment and herbs only)"
      2. Name of bonus and conditional statement (if any)
      3. If the bonus is a "Server Event" or "Personal Bonus", you will see the time remaining until they expire
      4. The bonus amount you're currently receiving
  • ALL information viewed on the interface is your character's LIVE bonus statistics/values at the time of opening.
Town Board Changes:
  • Task Quick-View Interface:
    • Accessible in the Character Summary tab (grey icon in your quest tab)
    • Shows a quick-view of all your current tasks and the progress of each
    • View-only, you must still return back to a physical town board to turn-in tasks, view experience/levels, and exchange items.
  • New Tasks Added:
    • Harvest Birdhouses (will ask you to do your highest tier available at current hunter level)
    • Craft and deliver:
      • Leather armours
      • Gold Jewellery (must have mining, smithing, and crafting levels required for these)
      • Dragonhide armours (blue, red, and black are challenge only tasks)
  • Added an opt-in setting for players who desire more challenging tasks:
    • Can be toggled in All-Settings under the "Gameplay" tab
    • Grant an increased amount of points and experience to pair with the difficulty required
    • Contain the following new tasks (note: you must have at least 1 killcount obtain these):
      • Inferno - Kill TzKal-Zuk once
      • Chambers of Xeric (normal) - 1 completion
      • Theatre of Blood (normal) - 1 completion
      • Hespori - Kill once
      • Corporeal Beast - Kill 2-5 times
    • The following preexisting tasks are now marked as challenge-only (note: must have at least 1 killcount to obtain these):
      • Hydras
      • Gauntlet (corrupted)
  • Added a quick-return button to the top left of the town board exchange.
  • Fixes:
    • Fish caught and stored using the fish barrel will now properly count towards tasks.
    • Fish cooked through the infernal harpoon will now update cooking tasks, but will NOT update fishing tasks (since the item you get is cooked and not raw)
    • Extra ores mined with the celestial ring and mining cape will now properly count towards tasks.
    • Tasks for lighting logs on fire have had woodcutting requirements added (to chop the trees required).
    • Fixed experience gain for smelting adamantite bars (increased to 42 xp per bar from 20)
  • Theatre of Blood:
    • Bloat flies will no longer damage players standing outside of the room barrier.
    • Verzik P2:
      • Nylocas will now have a small delay after spawning before aggroing players
      • In solos, nylo spawns will be more predictable (always in the north)
      • Verzik will no longer start her red crabs/mage attacks if athanatos (purple crab) was the one to hit her below 35% health.
  • Chambers of Xeric
    • Ultimate ironmen are now able to use the shared storage during event raids.
    • Fixed parties becoming disbanded when using CoX skip scrolls at vespula prior to the entrance tendrils spawning.
  • Thralls no longer block other NPCs from moving through or around them to reach the player.
  • Fixed the entrance to the prifddinas rabbit boss lair.
  • Fixed issues with light sources when attempting to enter the Giant Mole lair. If you have a light source that can not be extinguished (or the fire built), the warning interface will automatically be skipped.
  • Woodcutting:
    • Fixed a few teak trees in miscellania not working correctly
  • Crystal Equipment/Gear:
    • Updated bonuses to new OSRS values, as follows:
      • Helmet - 5% accuracy and 2.5% damage
      • Body - 10% accuracy and 7.5% damage
      • Legs - 15% accuracy and 5% damage
  • Updated the equipment interface to show proper set bonus information for crystal and swampbark/bloodbark gear sets.
  • Fixed a visual issue on cosmetic mystery boxes where the wrong clue tier was displayed versus what was rolled.
  • The explorer's ring "Farming Guild" teleport will now place you inside the guild provided you have level 45 farming.
Other Changes/Fixes:
  • Fixed the "channel" tab and zoom lock settings not saving properly on logout.
  • Fixed "Shift click to drop items" setting not saving properly on logout.
  • All variants of the Dragon pickaxe can now be stored in the hidey hole at the soul altar.
  • A Tool leprechaun is now spawned outside of the Tree Gnome Village.
  • Fixed the shayzien city teleport location dropping you off in some trees.
  • You can now use dark/occult altars in your POH to swap to the arceuus spellbook.
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I know I should make a ticket for this but just checking if anyone else has found the rune thrown axe bug?
The special attack that chain hits multiple monsters will cause monsters in multi combat to agro against each other. 
Use the spec on abby demons in the catacombs and you'll see what I mean, its quite fun.

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