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Buying Dice bag & Mithril seeds


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I've had a lot of people complaining about buying too many Mithril seeds or Dice bags from the gamble store.
To get ahead of any more carless actions like these, I came up with these fixes

Mithril seeds
1 | Players will only be able to buy up to 10 mithril seeds at a time
2 | Players will have to fill in the amount by typing manually, twice.
3 | Players will be able to sell back their mithril seeds for 40% of the purchase price

Dice Bag
1 | Players should not be able to have more then 1 or 2 dicebag(s) per account


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 I think removing the buy X amount from mithril seeds & removing all except buy 1 from dice bag is a good idea. I know you didn't mention this explicitly, but the only thing I wouldn't support would be the ability to sell back mithril seeds. 

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