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Prayer bonus only UIM - Holy Sheets

Holy sheets

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Meet Holy Sheets, my prayer bonus only Ultimate Ironman account. 


The rules are simple :

  • No banking
  • No trading
  • I'm only allowed to equip items in combat that hold a prayer bonus 
    (an exception is made for the ammunition slot, which is fair game)


The goals of this series :

  • Complete my prayer book, by unlocking all the prayers the game has to offer

Backstory :


I've done this kind of series before on another server, but unfortunately never finished it. In addition to this server being coded into much more detail, I've also identified some mistakes I made back then. I'm looking forward to having a lot of fun with this account build, perhaps even extending the series if possible...


Progress log #1


I started off by dropping my starter inventory almost entirely apart from the coins and, as any good ironman does, I first knocked out most of the quests that give exp. This would give me a good foundation to start putting in work towards my first target, being early combat levels and starting slayer. Having lost some of my items already to the Roving elves quest (you have to drop them outside Glarial's tomb), this is what i ended up with.

e9a4adb0a6320ceb3d316b52f8b1de58.png 2f45d286c73458038a7441d1eb80134d.png

After my little questing spree I started a bit of slayer as well to train up my defence to 55. For that I would need my first melee weapon... This is where the maces come into play.
As one of the only types of melee weaponry to do so, all of the maces in Oldschool Runescape offer a prayer bonus. This makes the dragon mace my new best friend and my most powerful melee weapon available. 


With a good main weapon to use, some proselyte armour from the shops and a trusty helm of Neitiznot to my name, I could start slayer for real now.
Though it might not be clear just yet, slayer will be a crucial factor to my account. 




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