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Wildfire PvM and Social Clan


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We warmly welcome you to Wildfire!
Founded on 10th October 2020, we're looking to create the true gaming and social
interaction atmosphere. Wildfire is a clan open to every Runescaper, Skiller, American,
British wherever and whatever you like to do. We're a new Community & PvM clan looking to become a thriving social hub. We currently don't have any requirements.

The core leadership team of Wildfire have been playing
RuneScape since 2005 - we understand what the game was like
back then, and we want to bring that experience back to Zaros in 2021

Interested? Submit an application in the discord server& join ingame to get ranked:

Join "Axeymoron"'s CC ingame


(More information available under #information in the discord server)

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