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Narco- Beta Application


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Discord username: Jager Cogswell#5767
Do you have any experience when it comes to bug-testing: I sure do, I love trying new servers and testing things out, I would love the launch to be 100% !
How knowledgeable would you say you are when it comes to Runescape/Oldschool Runescape: I got fricken loads! Im 123 cmb in real Osrs, And have done almost every single boss, not gonna lie i still need a little improvement on TOB, but thats closer to end game content, as every other boss im pretty damn good at. At sire though ?
Runescape username & total level: Tryllium Pvm Total is 1829 !
How do you feel you'd be useful in testing Zaros:  I feel id be usefull, espically because I am EI currently, so im home all day and dont work and collect money until the spring when works back up, I game all day anyway, switch between RSPS, and COD Cold war of course ?
How many hours do you plan on spending per week on average testing:8-10 hours a day weekdays, launch ill be doing 18 hour days for the double xp weekend,  but roughly id say about 50 hours a week, Theres only 2 days left till launch so id love to hop on as long as I can before then! Hopefully you'll think of me ! thanks

Jager Cogswell

Ingame- Narco

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