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Zaros Update – Large pet System Changes


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Happy New Year, Zaros!
This update brings large changes to the pet system, giving them much more value than before. Take a moment to read through the changes below and as always - let us know what you think in the comments below!
Pet Shrine:
  • Located just north of edgeville bank (trapdoor), the Pet Shrine allows you to roll perks onto pets, giving them a greater use than just being a one-off cosmetic gathering dust in your bank.
  • Breakdown of Pet Shrine Interface:
    • Rating (top right) - All pets in Zaros have been given an individual rating from 0-100 based on their rarity, difficulty, or time required to obtain. This rating serves mostly as a cosmetic representation of the overall rarity of the pet, but also impacts your chances of successfully rolling perks.
    • Overview Tab - Lists all perks your pet currently has. Perks are bound to each pet "type"; Cosmetic recolors/variants of a pet will share the same perks. For example, all colors of the ikkle hydra pet will have the same perks. Once your pet has perks, you can choose to "lock-in" perks for a fee so that they are not re-rolled. The locking costs are as follows:
      • First slot: 5 tokens
      • Second slot: 10 tokens
      • Third slot: 15 tokens
      • Fourth slot: 20 tokens
      • Fifth slot: 25 tokens
    • Perk Pool Tab - Lists all available perks your pet can roll. All perks have an equal chance of being rolled (none are rarer than others). Some pets will have unique perks that only they can roll, which show as highlighted in the list.
    • Roll Perks Tab - Allows you to re-roll perks onto your pet using a new currency, "Pet Tokens". Pets can have a maximum of 5 total perks at once. Out of the 5 total perk slots, each one has a different chance of successfully rolling a perk from the pool. Base chances for each slot are determined from the pets overall rating. The first slot is always a guaranteed 100% success chance, so you'll always roll at least one perk no matter what!
      • Roll chances for each slot can be increased by spending more tokens on each roll:
        • 1 Token (default) - 0%
        • 2 Tokens - 5% applied to each slot
        • 5 Tokens - 15% applied to each slot
      • Roll chances can also be increased by 20% for a one time fee of 1x Pet Shrine Scroll, obtainable in the zaros store! One scroll must be used per each pet type.
    • Pet list button (top left) - Allows you to see a list of every pet in-game along with their assigned rating. Each pet is clickable and will show you their perk pool.
    • For further information, players may click the "?" button at the top right on any of these interfaces.
  • Pets must be out and following you in order to receive benefits of any rolled perks.
  • Pet Tokens - How do I obtain them?
    • Town board exchange
    • Voting store
    • Judge of yama
    • Boss caskets
    • Enhanced crystal keys
    • Rolling for a duplicate pet which you already own
  • List of shared perks (these can be rolled by EVERY pet and are NOT unique):
    • Archer - Grants a 5% strength bonus to ranged attacks in PvM
    • Bowman - Grants a 5% accuracy bonus to ranged attacks in PvM
    • Clue Hunter - 5% increase to finding clues while woodcutting, fishing, or mining.
    • Duplicating - 5% chance of doubling certain gathered resources while fishing, mining, and woodcutting.
    • Forager - Randomly forages items (coins, seeds, herbs, bones)
    • Lightweight - Subtracts 10kg from your player's total weight
    • Looting - Most enemies have a 1/20 chance to drop an additional piece of loot. Excludes raids and minigames.
    • Lucky - 3% Drop Rate Bonus
    • Magician - Grants a 5% accuracy bonus to magic attacks in PvM
    • Radiant - Provides light equivalent to a bullseye lantern
    • Seraph - Increases your prayer bonus by +5
    • Swordsman - Gives a 5% accuracy bonus to melee attacks in PvM
    • Treasurer - Allows pet to high-alch items for free
    • Warrior - Grants a 5% strength bonus to melee attacks in PvM
    • Wealthy - Increases amount of coins dropped by 15%
    • Wizard - Grants a 5% strength bonus to magic attacks in PvM
    • Zookeeper - 5% Pet Rate Bonus
    • Notary - 5% chance that resource is noted from mining, woodcutting, and fishing. Stacks with donator benefits.
    • Wise - 10% additional experience, up to 5,000,000 total experience gained per day.
  • List of unique perks (these can only be rolled on specific pets, as noted below):
    • Draca - Provides an extra 10% damage against dragons
      • Prince black dragon, Vorki, Ikkle Hydra, Galvek jr
    • Bleed - Chance for acidic bloodveld to apply the bleed effect to your PvM target
      • Acidic bloodveld
    • Raids I Expert - Extra 10% points earned in the Chambers of Xeric
      • Olmlet
    • Raids II Expert - Extra 5% drop rate boost for your team in the Theatre of blood
      • Lil Zik
    • Courageous - Your pet can enter the Corporeal Beast cave with you
      • Dark Core
    • Pyromaniac - 3% chance of instantly burning all logs of the same type from your inventory while firemaking
      • Phoenix
    • Supernatural - Provides an extra 10% damage against undead
      • Vorki, Archpriest Unicorn, Guardian Mummy
    • Demonic - Provides an extra 10% damage against demons
      • Kril Jr, Skotos, Sire
    • Dagannoth Scent - Your pet excretes pheromones that prevents Spinolyps from attacking you in the dagannoth kings lair
      • Dag king pets
    • Detective - Upon completing a clue step, 1/15 chance that your bloodhound will sniff its way to the last step
      • Bloodhound
    • Nightcrawler - Deal 10% extra damage in areas that require a lightsource
      • Baby mole
    • Disarm - You can no longer be disarmed by chaos elemental or chaos fanatic
      • Chaos ele jr
    • Soulless - Reduces prayer drain by half from the three summoned souls at Cerberus
      • Cerberus
    • Nimble - Increases fishing catch rate by 10%
      • Heron
    • Handyman - Acts as a hammer and saw in most areas of the game besides Chambers of Xeric
      • Baba yaga, smithers
    • Trapper - Increases the maximum hunter traps allowed by +1
      • Baby grey chinchompa
    • Runic - 20% chance to double runes obtained from runecrafting altars excluding ZMI and Roccos Ruins
      • Rune guardian
    • Cluster - Makes Sarachnis drop x2 the amount of egg sacs as normal
      • Sraracha
    • Tempest - Within Tempoross, water buckets no longer deplete and tools don't get washed away by waves.
      • Tiny tempor
    • Gauntlet Expert - Allows pet to be used within the gauntlet. Gives double shards from the reward chest.
      • Youngllef
    • Hardened - Gives a +10 invisible mining level boost
      • Rock golem
    • Green Thumb - Receive double experience when cleaning herbs
      • Herbi
    • Marked - 15% chance to receive an extra mark of grace on rooftop agility courses. Stacks with donator perk.
      • Squirrel
    • Keris - Acts as a passive keris, providing 33% bonus damage to kalphites and 1/51 chance at triple damage
      • Kalphite princess
    • Tower Power - All monsters within the slayer tower drop noted items
      • Noon
    • Fragment - Receive double crystal shards from open world and skilling activities
      • Serenity
    • Divine - Acts as an affiliated god item for all god wars factions, rendering faction npcs unaggressive
      • God wars pets
    • Twofold - 20% chance of doubling received loot from revenants
      • Callisto, scorpia, venenatis, vetion
    • Task Master - Allows the full Town Board interface to be opened and utilized through the character summary tab
      • Postie pete
    • Golem - Provides an extra 10% damage against TzHaar
      • Jal nib rek
Town Board Changes:
  • Hespori will now properly count towards tasks.
  • You can now kill alchemical hydra if you have a town board task for hydras.
  • Increased experienced gained for completing the following tasks:
    • Theatre of Blood - 1,500
    • Inferno - 2,000
  • Gauntlet:
    • Amount of shards obtained from skilling resources has been increased from 5-23 to 10-30
    • Shards obtained from tier 1 monsters buffed from 10-30 to 10-37
    • Increased maximum amount of skilling resources throughout map (note this does not guarantee more resources, it just increases the average amount of total resources)
    • Fixed bears not instantly dropping loot upon dying
    • Fixed weapon frames not properly being 100% dropped on third kill of a tier 1 monster
  • Fight Caves:
    • Fixed jad dealing damage to players after they have exited the cave (via exit, not teleports).
  • Chambers of Xeric
    • Receiving Olmlet in a challenge mode raid will properly state challenge mode in the broadcast.
  • Alchemical Hydra
    • Fixed not being able to successfully flame skip
  • Commander Zilyana will now properly drop elite clue scrolls instead of hard.
  • Updated drop tables of armadylian and bandosian guards (from clue scrolls) to include armadyl helmet and bandos boots.
  • Construction:
    • Fixed a visual issue when viewing costume storages via your bank where you'd sometimes see the storage of a another player you recently visited.
    • All custom pets (and their morphs) can now be stored in a menagerie in your player owned house.
      • Also fixes the giant squirrel not being storable
  • Magic:
    • Fixed thralls not clearing upon the owner logging out.
  • Monkey bones, wyrm bones, and hydra bones will now correctly work with the dragonbone necklace.
  • Trailblazer tools now have thier proper special attacks.
  • All cosmetics from mystery boxes are now tradeable and drop tradeable (destroy option replaced with drop).
  • Updated loot table of enhanced crystal keys to be slightly better than normal crystal keys. This should incentivize upgrading keys for most players.
    • Enhanced keys now require extreme donator and up for double loot rolls. Regular crystal keys still only require super donator and up.
  • "Empty" drops have been removed from the rare drop table and gem drop tables.
  • Dragonfire ward now has +8 range strength bonus.
Other Changes/Fixes:
  • Fixed tool leprechauns unnoting an excessive amount of items, causing you to lose noted items.
  • Fixed killcounts not being displayed properly in the collection log for gauntlet, demonic/tortured gorillas, and revenants.
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