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Zaros Clanning Discord


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I'm planning on creating a discord before Zaros release for organized clanning on zaros to revive the rsps clanning scene. This discord will be for any and all single/multi clans wanting to participate, We will be running hella events throughout the month, every month for "Clan of the Month".

Clan of the Month will be a point system for every clan to keep track of wilderness activity/quality. Winner of each month will be rewarded a channel on the discord for clan recruitment/aftermath videos/whatever tf you wanna do with your channel. (possibly ingame reward or 07 reward) (up for discussion)

Point system will include

Pk run ins (pkri's) ~ essentially a setup 1v1 between clans through the discord ( doesn't have to be matched ops) winning clan will receive a point.

Custom events the discord comes up with such as (king of the hill) which will be a couple times a month on specific dates/times. This event will pretty much be a specific location where all clans who want to participate will meet up. Last clan standing will receive a point

Any/All clan wars events ~ Preps/Mini wars setup through the discord (matched ops) winning clan will receive a point.

Any pking done within the wilderness, If your clan is out and runs into another clan (doesnt have to be matched ops) winner of the fight will receive a point.


To keep this organized and fair (because i know clans are toxic and will try to say they won a fight they clearly didn't win). In order to receive a point toward clan of the month there will have to be video evidence of your clans pov. Most of the time there will be a clear winner ranks of the discord will go through pov's daily. If for some reason a winner cannot be 100% determined it'll be up to the ranks discretion of who won the fight. (there will be a channel on discord for ranks/leaders of clans to post their clans pov of any fight)

We already have mulitple clans down for this idea but i cant track down every clan that plans to open on Zaros release. If you're interested in this pm me on forums or discord and we can discuss further details

Discord~   Bradyb#3646   (copy and paste)

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3 hours ago, Kip said:

Sounds like Sharkbrew...


3 hours ago, Evade said:

^^ literally this. You maswell just use the rsps section lol

It’s very similar to sharkbrew, except they don’t give a fuck about rsps and would never keep track of it or run special events/organize anything. 

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