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Option for UIM to store bonus scrolls so not lost on regear suicide


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Would be great to see an option for UIM to not loose bonus scrolls, Pet Chance, Drop Rate etc, when suiciding.

Obviously still have them lost above level 20 wildy, however getting the scroll from something like the Judge Of Yama and then wanting to suicide and regear to use it results in it being lost.

An option would be for UIM to simply not loose these on death outside the wild ( suiciding to nettles for example ) or maybe have a storage option like a new item in the vote store, or something in house storage.

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Tried to drop the two bonus drop scrolls I had before suiciding to pick up afterwards - doesnt work, on death the scrolls will instantly vanish.

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On 2/7/2022 at 12:11 PM, Polar said:

Would there be any times where you guys would want them to go to death storage? If so, I could see it being an issue maybe if people weren't wanting to keep them on death.

From a UIM perspective if they went to death storages, zulrah etc, that would be fine like all other non tradeables. I guess if you dont want them you can just take them out and drop them? Its not like the storages have an item limit where you may accidently keep one of these items over something you actually wanted.

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