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BH SKULL POLL (Killstreak)


BH SKULL POLL (Killstreak)  

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  1. 1. Should they be adding the bh skull system to the game?

    • Yes, that looks amazing!
    • No, This is not a PvP server!

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Good idea. If the killstreak numbers dont fit well with the owners:

10. Bronze

20. Silver

30. Green

40. Blue

50. Red

Makes the higher tiers less valuable but i would rather have this instead of just nothing

(If i kill someone in a red skull instead of a normal skull / lesser skull, i can get more PKP to make the higher killstreak guys more of a bounty than flex)

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3 minutes ago, She said:

I don't mind, most servers have got this aswell. Will there be any benefits though? Such as X% boosted pkpoints, and what happends if you die? 

If you die to a PvM death you wont lose the killstreak, if a player kills you, you obviously lose the killstreak and the killer should get boosted PKP so that the higher killstreak guys can have a sort of bounty on their head.


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Support. Some ideas for bonuses while being on a killstreak:



Bronze Skull: 2.5% more PKP per kill

Silver Skull: 4% more PKP per kill

Green Skull: 6.5% more PKP per kill

Blue Skull: 8% more PKP per kill

Red Skull: 10% more PKP per kill



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