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Oi Everyone


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I might as well introduce myself. I'm Nick also known as Ryse; I have been around the block of the RS world in general but still learning. Besides RS I do like to play MMORPGs/RPGs, Some racing and mainly FPS; My main game is Halo (I know it's not in the best of spot) as I played it since 2001. Other than games I do love working on PCs (Currently trying to get my certs) and some things about cars. Sorry I am not good at talking about myself lul but hope to see some of you in-game. If you have any questions about me or whatever feel free to ask away spacer.png

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Welcome to Zaros! We talking Halo Infinite these days or still running the MCC collection?
What certs are you currently working on? I'm in IT myself and could potentially provide some resources, etc. 

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