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Corrupted Gauntlet Service (500+ KC)


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Terms and Conditions

  1. Payment is done previous to the service.
  2. Only cash is accepted as payment.
  3. All account types are accepted.
  4. Account details are sent through private message on Discord.
  5. I am not responsible for Hardcore game modes losing their status in the Gauntlet.
  6. Even though giving your account away for a service is at your own risk, you can always contact a staff member and tell them I'm using the account.
  7. I only book 3 people at once to make sure it doesn't take a long time to complete all services.
  8. Booking must be done through in-game private message to "DB", and later noted in this thread for future reference.
  9. Due to lack of time to play, services are mostly done on Friday nights or weekends during the day, before events. Some services can be done during the week, but with no guarantee of completion before the weekend.
  10. Only a maximum of 10 runs can be booked at a time. You can book additional runs after, but you'll be placed at the end of the line.
  11. Once we get all the details sorted and payment done, your IGN will be noted in this thread, under "Bookings" with red, yellow or green color. Red means I haven't started working on your account, yellow means I'm currently working on your account, and green means the service was completed.
  12. The order I do my runs is in order of payment. First come first serve.
  13. In case we're splitting seeds, payment must be provided before I log out of the account to prevent any scams.
  14. In case of any scams, the player will be reported directly to a staff member.
  15. After the service is completed, I'd like to ask to leave a vouch in the comments on this thread for future interest.

What I offer

My Gauntlet runs are the fastest and more consistent runs available. With over 500 completions spread amongst different accounts, I can guarantee a 99% success rate service.

I'm currently Rank 1 Corrupted Gauntlet with 177 KC as a Hardcore Ironman.

You can check my Corrupted Gauntlet Guide on my Youtube channel to get an ideia of my run method:


What I Require/Recommend

  1. 90+ Combat Stats.
  2. 70+ Prayer.
  3. Augury/Rigour unlocked (Recommended).

Prices and Packs

I offer some pack deals to help you save some money in exchange for a longer service. The base prices and packs are for non-Hardcore accounts.

OPTION 1: All seeds and drops will be kept in the account.



OPTION 2: All Armour seeds will be split between the both of us. You keep every Enchanced Crystal seed (No need to sell the seed, as long as you have cash available).



OPTION 3: We split all Armour and Enchanced Crystal Seeds (No need to sell the seed, as long as you have cash available).



*Hardcore Accounts add an extra 1 MILLION per run.*

Bookings - CLOSED

1. kkboef

2. u2


Waiting List


Services Completed

1. Raged Vegeta (1 Run)

2. Vaper (13 Runs)


Edited by DB
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6 hours ago, gimboss13 said:

Seems kinda rough in a way? You get $$ no matter what per run then if you get item has to be split ? Why not just make a flat fee per run item or not ...?? 

Armour Seed - 37m

Enhanced Crystal Weapon Seed - 350m

Judging by the trading post prices of both seeds and how much return you would get compared to what DB would get seems pretty fair to me personally. These calculations are judging you purchase his pack specials and assuming you have the base rate of 1/160 for the enhanced seeds. You can mulitply it by x2 if you wish to calculate for 2 enhanced seeds (bowfa/blade).

pack 1:
1600m DB makes
646m back for buyer on average

pack 2:
1588m (including armour splits) DB makes on average
498m back for buyer on average

pack 3:
1283m (including armour/wep splits) DB makes on average
323m back for buyer on average

Conclusion: The prices are reasonable for how long it takes to grind 160 cg kc, how tedious it is, how boring it is and how difficult it is for some people. He may need to adjust pack 2 prices as you pay only 12m less than pack 1, but lose out on 148m if you were to keep all drops like pack 1.


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6 hours ago, gimboss13 said:

what about if its for an iron with 0 thoughts of selling the stuff is more what im interested in for a pack as i fkin hate gauntlet ? but cleaned out my main for paying back thats all 


Then you get the seeds in return? What is this question are u dumb bro

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