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Zaros Update – TOB Hard Mode, Phosani’s Nightmare


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Happy Friday, Zaros!
Today's update introduces long-awaited end-game content; Theatre of Blood (Hard Mode) and Phosani's Nightmare. Take a few moments to read over all changes and additions described below, then jump on in to try it out! As always, let us know what you think of this update or what could be improved by replying to this thread.
Theatre of Blood:
  • Hard Mode:
    • Difference in boss mechanics can be found on the OSRS wiki page.
    • Rewards:
      • Base rate for any unique item is 7.7 instead of 9.1
      • Avernic defender is weighted slightly less, making the other unique items more common when rolling a unique
      • +15% common loot quantity
      • Upon completing all bosses in TOB within a certain amount of time (total completion time):
        • Gain an extra +15% common loot quantity
        • Roll for one of three cosmetic rewards
          • Sanguine ornament kit
          • Holy ornament kit
          • Sanguine dust
        • Required times to receive the above extra rewards:
          • 5-man: 25 minutes
          • 4-man: 27 minutes
          • 3-man: 30 minutes
          • 2-man: 35 minutes
          • Solo: 70 minutes
  • Other Changes/Fixes:
    • Verzik Vitur's defense level can no longer be drained by dragon war hammer or bandos godsword.
    • Fixed preferred mode on the party interface not saving correctly upon logout.
    • Xarpus poison projectiles are more consistent in their landing time and visual issues with splashes have been resolved.
    • Fixed scythe of vitur graphics not showing up for other players besides the person using it.
    • Fixed loot announcing twice when first opening the chest inside then opening it again outside.
    • Fixed rare occurrences of players becoming stuck inside the jail/waiting area when dying right before a boss dies.
  • Nightmare:
    • Custom health scaling has been reverted to make room for Phosani's nightmare. Shield health will now be 2,000 per phase in teams of 1-5, then scaling up appropriately.
      • Drop rates have been buffed accordingly to make up for the increase in time for normal mode.
      • Personal time records have been reset.
    • Added scoreboards for both regular and phosani nightmare.
  • Phosani's Nightmare:
    • Solo-only instance is now available for players who have killed the normal nightmare at least once. Note: you will need to kill the nightmare once more in order to unlock this.
    • Differences in fight mechanics can be found on the OSRS wiki page.
    • Rewards:
      • The common loot table is extremely generous in reward quantity compared to regular nightmare.
      • Parasitic egg - usable on your little nightmare to transmog it into a little parasite!
      • While rates for unique items are technically nerfed versus the normal encounter, the fight is much faster when done properly, thus increasing your overall kills per hour (giving you a better rate).
  • Gauntlet:
    • Corrected pathing of the crystals that follow you in the boss fight. These should be 1:1 with oldschool now.
    • Reworked resource spawning to ensure no full-room blockages occur. Note: similar to osrs, you may still get partial blockages on edges of certain rooms, but never a full blockage preventing you from going through the room.
    • Fixed floor tiles at hunllef visually spawning repeatedly after dealing the final blow.
    • Gauntlet Cores:
      • Obtainable from the chest at a static 1/10 rate (not impacted by drop rate modifiers). You are also guaranteed to get a core on every 10th completion.
      • Allows you to skip preparation inside the Gauntlet, providing you with a full setup needed to immediately fight the hunllef. Time records are disabled each time the core is used.
  • Nex/Ancient Prison:
    • The fight no longer automatically starts when someone enters the room. Interacting with the ancient orb that is in the middle of the room will allow anyone to start the fight when everyone is ready.
    • The damage overlay now has a toggle option to swap between exact damage and contribution percent.
    • The damage overlay will now always show your damage or contribution percent.
    • Fixed being able to reset cool-down for use restoration effects after entering a private instance.
    • Ancient minion kill-count requirements will no longer be needed when nex server events are active.
    • Reduced escape time for the ancient godsword's special attack (now properly giving the player 8 ticks).
    • Looting/Rewards:
      • Common loot is now distributed more similarly to OSRS. Nex will roll two drops in high quantity and distribute evenly to contributors (aside from the MVP who gets an extra +10%).
      • Loot received is now displayed in the chatbox for each player.
    • Phase 4:
      • Reduced frozen time of ice barrages from 20 ticks -> 8 ticks.
      • Players trapped in the ice prison are now notified upon being freed.
    • Phase 5:
      • Soulsplit projectiles now travel in the correct direction (from player TO nex)
      • Player's stats will no longer be drained by nex's "turmoil" effect. Instead, her combat stats will be increased by +5 levels during the attacks where she has no overhead prayer.
      • Players will now only take 50% damage from nex's deflect prayer, rather than 100%.
      • Nex will now prioritize melee when her target is in melee distance.
  • Revenants:
    • Player drop rate modifier is now correctly applied to the revenant drop table.
Pet Changes:
  • Little Nightmare:
    • Added unique perk "Crusher "- doubles the set effect bonuses of inquisitor's armor in PvM
  • Nexling:
    • Now has a pet rating of 90
    • Added unique perk "Zealot" - Stores up damage you deal, turning it into a large accuracy and damage boost for a short period upon activation.
      • Total damage to activate: 500
      • Activation time: 30 seconds
      • Buff: 15% damage and 15% accuracy
      • Cannot be activated more than once every 2 minutes. During this cooldown, you may still accumulate damage for the next activation.
    • Also has unique perk "Divine", similar to the other god wars bosses.
  • Farming:
    • Fixed right-click options not working correctly on the seed vault.
  • Thieving:
    • Fixed enhanced teleport seeds not giving the correct drop rate for pickpocketing.
  • Woodcutting:
    • Clue nests received are now weighted, giving you a higher chance at receiving lower tier clues versus higher tiers, similar to fishing mining.
  • Crossbow Bolt Specials:
    • ALL bolt effects aside from emerald, dragon, and onyx will now properly ignore accuracy checks. This means the roll to proc a bolt effect is done individually aside from normal combat accuracy checks.
    • The Zaryte crossbow special, as per its definition, WILL check for a successful accuracy roll prior to granting the 100% bolt effect proc chance.
Other Changes/Fixes:
  • Warnings have been slightly reworked and are now able to be toggled in the settings interface. All warnings you previously had disabled will be re-enabled again by default.
  • Ashuelot Reis will now note and unnote items when using them on her.
  • Fixed fossil island underwater overlay not opening correctly when teleporting in from the rowboat island.
  • Fixed runelite cool-down timers not appearing when activating an imbued heart.
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  • Developer
2 hours ago, Weebking said:

Can you revert the change for clues from woodcutting please the change is absolutely trash.


It was just a fix so that all clue tiers were not equal rate. There was no nerf to actually receiving them from woodcutting.

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Im sorry Hope, I liked it the way it was before getting masters and opening the caskets was REALLY fun. I have time to reflect and the change makes sense it just sucks because i liked opening the caskets, now its like half is good as it was before so its kinda dead to cut logs.

Edited by Weebking
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