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First I'd love to start by saying we should fix the way a prayer pot is protected over a tome of fire! They are way to hard to obtain if we could mabye increas the HA value of the tome to 30k instead of the 12k it would make it a little more fair! Also wilderness keys for 15 slayer points?? I would love to see them get a Lil bit of love take away the slayer points and add in just skilling supplies but not overpowered could bring some life back to the wilderness for those pvpers out there! And finally mabye add an instance to wintertodt? To many people are crashing and wasting time of people for a simple TB task make a 25k instance for wintertodt per game as long as u drag it out more would give skillers and grinders the option to play for the 13.5k max points games thanks for taking time and looking over my post! I hope everybody feels the same way is I do about these things! 

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