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Hello, I just recently moved over from another private server.  Im 25 years old, not too much into private servers themselves as I am mainly here for the graphic design section. I know there are probably better places to post, but I liked the website design so thought I would use this one instead!



Figured I would start up a new server so I would stop going back to the other one, maybe get to know a few people here. We didn't get anywhere for the past 2-3 years on that server so I thought it would be a chance to start a new beginning.  Also no one replied to my gfx showcase section there so I thought would maybe hop on a more active server.  I photoshop as a hobby, mainly just regular signatures. I may post my showcase but its something I've posted on other servers before so might just only post new ones (we'll see). I like to do them every now so i am pretty inconsistent.


Anywho, I'll see everyone in game I suppose. I might post a signature today since work isn't keeping me busy ?

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