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Lost my phone outside. have question.


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Hey there, so i was walking to the shop with my daughter and lost my old samsung, on the way, didnt realise for hours until it was dark and by then... well i went out when the misses got home and checked to see if i cold find it laying around were i walked in the rough area. i had zero luck.

i was writing this to see how i go about deactivating my 2fa before it stops me being able to log in and play, since its all linked to my phone. and now im worried. Please get back to me asap with some information, thanks.


As an edit: i cannot disable it in account settings without the phone itself since its requesting the authentication code, to disable. so hoping a staff member can help me with this issue before im locked out, willing to give as much info as possible to make the process smooth. Just panicking now because although i didnt really keep shit on my phone in terms of credit card stuff, its scary regardless, and on top of that, im panicking because im going to be not only locked out of this, but runescape lol.

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