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Post events THURSDAY


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I agree. Players need to plan ahead of time to prepare for the events, in terms of real life and/or in-game preparations.

For example, gathering of clue rewards prior to boost; planning weekends so that events does not clash with real life activities, etc.

Do give everyone at least a day more to prepare please.

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7 hours ago, Cl0UDZ said:

It has caught some eyes I feel u guys should as a staff get this together and be posted Thursday that way we have time to prepare what we have coming 

I agree. As much as I appreciate the events happening every week it looks like its being done by someone who doesn't want to do the job. It gets posted a few hours before Friday or on Friday itself (server time). The events also don't go live until much later in the day, which is kinda dumb. Staff keep saying 7 PM till server event start. The event is meant to be a Friday event so should be 12pm to 12am, or something within that timeframe with a tolerance of 3-4 hrs. A 7PM start would result in the Friday event being held the majority of in Saturday - it makes no sense.

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