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Zaros Update – Wilderness Changes/Improvements


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Good morning, Zaros!
Today's update features a variety of changes/improvements to the wilderness. We hope these will incentivize more players to utilize training and farming methods within the area and increase overall activity. As always, please have a read through the update notes and let us know what you think in the comments below!
  • New dragonite mining rocks (see below in mining section)
  • The muddy chest at the center of the lava maze has received a buff in loot. It now grants miscellaneous runes, gems, coins, and supplies in decent amounts.
  • Ancient caskets have been removed from the game. Below you'll find a variety of new activities/changes that replace them.
  • Revenant Caves:
    • Are now singles-plus. This means that you cannot box a revenant in order to prevent getting attacked by another player. Other players will instantly be allowed to attack you at any point unless you are already in combat with a different player.
    • Increased the amount of revenants spawned throughout the caves.
    • Revenant Maledictus:
      • A new superior variant of revenants. Maledictus can be spawned randomly by killing any revenant within the caves, with spawn chances increasing as more and more are killed. Features fail-safe measures that will guarantee a spawn if it has not appeared for a significant amount of time and also prevents additional maledictus from appearing during or immediately after it is killed.
      • Can be attacked by all players and equally attack multiple players at once in the area.
      • Rewards:
        • Top damager will receive a guaranteed ancient totem or ancient emblem
        • Top 3 damagers will roll the revenant dragon drop table 5 times
        • Top 4-10 damagers will roll the revenant dragon drop table 3 times
  • Wilderness Clue Scrolls:
    • New custom set of clue scrolls with tasks solely within the wilderness.
    • How are they obtained?
      • Bosses and monsters in the wilderness that previously dropped a clue scroll now exclusively drop wilderness clue scrolls
      • Larran's Chests
      • Rogues Chests
      • Wilderness Keys
      • Skilling activities such as woodcutting, fishing, or mining in the wilderness will yield a wilderness nest, bottle, or geode respectively. Some good ways to farm these include:
        • Skilling in the resource arena
        • Fishing lava eels and dark crabs
    • Consist of the following types:
      • Emote Clues - 7
      • Coordinate Clues - 7
      • PvM Clues - 7
        • New custom type of clue that requires players to kill the required monster a few times in order to progress to the next step. Specifically, the chance to progress towards the next step is 1/3 on each kill.
    • All wilderness clues have been added to the Runelite clue plugin to help you complete them faster.
    • All wilderness clues can be placed within the clue scroll sack.
    • Dr. Clue will not auto-complete wilderness clue scrolls.
    • Rewards:
      • Features an enhanced version of the hard clue table
      • Increased quantities of rune alchables
      • Dragon alchables
      • Mystic gear
      • Corrupted armor
  • Wilderness Keys:
    • Ironmen will no longer receive slayer points upon completing a wilderness key. Instead, they will receive two drops from a revised drop table similar to the regular one with reduced quantities, blighted variants of consumables, and excluding most gear/weaponry. Some examples of loot on this table include:
      • Blighted food, spells, and potions
      • Alchables
      • Miscellaneous resources
      • PvP weapons
      • Barrows armor
    • Added a toggle-able warning when digging at a wilderness key location (warning you that a pk skull will be given)
  • Untradeable Item Deaths:
    • When dying to a player above level 20 wilderness, certain untradeable items will no longer be deleted but will instead be converted into a broken state, requiring you to pay a visit to Perdu in Edgeville to repair it. This is only a slight change to how OSRS functions but ensures you don't completely lose hard-earned untradeable items in the deep wilderness.
    • In the event of one of your items breaking, 75% of the repair cost in coin value will be awarded to the player that killed you.
    • Because of this change, there is no longer a need for trouver parchments. They have been removed from drop tables, last man standing, and the blood money shop.
Town Board:
  • Max level has been increased to 120.
    • New Level Unlocks:
      • Level 105 - Extra 100 bank space
      • Level 110 - Extra +5% pet drop rate boost
      • Level 115 - Extra 10% points earned in the Chambers of Xeric
      • Level 120 - Extra 5% drop rate boost for your team in the Theatre of Blood
  • Exchange Shop Changes:
    • Coins - 10,000,000 for 7,500 points
  • Exchange Shop Additions:
    • Level 0+:
      • Shattered banner - 1,500 points
      • Shattered cane - 1,500 points
    • Level 25+:
      • Shattered relics mystic ornament kit - 1,000 points
      • Shattered relics variety ornament kit - 1,500 points
    • Level 50+:
      • Shattered relic hunter (t1) armor set - 2,500 points
    • Level 75+:
      • Shattered relics void ornament kit - 1,500 points
      • Shattered relic hunter (t2) armor set - 5,000 points
    • Level 100+:
      • Raid Layout Tablet - 2,000 points for 5
      • Shattered relic hunter (t3) armor set - 10,000 points
      • Shattered cannon ornament kit - 2,500 points
  • Other Changes:
    • Buffed experience received for most boss tasks
    • Slightly nerfed experience received for lower tier farming tasks
  • Theatre of Blood:
    • Maiden:
      • Outgoing damage is no longer capped, meaning you can no longer tick eat her attacks.
      • Minions and blood splats are now cleared immediately upon maiden starting the death animation opposed to afterwards.
      • Target selection will now work in the following way, prioritizing players that are (in order):
        • Closest to the maiden
        • If two players are equal distance, the northern most player will be selected
        • If two players are standing on top of each other, orb order will be taken into account
      • Fixed health in hard mode
    • Pestilent Bloat:
      • Fixed an issue in normal mode where bloat would shift directions almost instantly after starting the fight
    • Nylocas:
      • (Hotfixed) Boss spawning when prinkipas is still active in the arena
      • Minions can now be frozen on the pathway leading up to the arena
    • Sotetseg:
      • Fixed passive shadow realm damage starting instantly while being teleported
      • Running into the fight should no longer make your screen enter a loading state
    • Xarpus:
      • Corrected delay when transitioning from the exhumed phase to poison phase.
    • Verzik:
      • P1 - Slightly adjusted attack timings to be 1:1 with OSRS
      • (Hotfixed) P3 - Fixed issues in hard mode of yellow pools sometimes not spawning
  • Inferno:
    • Fixed the starting animation (running and jumping into the inferno) not working properly
  • Smoke devils now roll based on your magical defense bonus instead of ranged defense bonus
  • Thermonuclear smoke devils now stack inside of instances
  • Alchemical Hydra:
    • Damage will now properly be increased when hydra steps on the incorrect vents.
    • You can now use your duplicate hydra heads on Orrvor Quo Maten near the entrance in exchange for one roll each on the alchemical hydra drop table.
  • Bryophyta:
    • Unique drops and staff creation are no longer announced due to how common they are
    • Fixed an issue with growthlings being insta-killed without having to use an axe/secateurs.
  • Corporeal beast:
    • Fixed certain gear effects not working properly (such as elysian spirit shield)
  • Phosani Nightmare:
    • Fixed killcount not properly showing up in the collection log
  • Nex:
    • Players will now also be teleported directly to the Nex lobby during an event
  • Vanstrom Klause:
    • Fixed a "pathing" issue when attacking vanstrom in the second phase where your character would try to run to a certain location before attacking.
  • Vetion:
    • Skeletal hellhounds will no longer target vetion
    • Fixed an issue allowing players to venom/poison vetion
  • Farming:
    • Fixed spirit trees not showing the "check-health" option on the last growth stage.
  • Fishing:
    • Karambwanji will no longer be stored in fish barrels (the item).
  • Magic:
    • Fixed spellbook swap spell not returning your spellbook to lunar after logging out, selecting a quick option, or selecting an auto-cast spell.
    • Fixed spellbook swap spell changing your current preferred attack style.
    • Super combat potions now work with the boost potion share spell.
  • Mining/Smithing:
    • Dragonite Rocks:
      • Scattered around the inside of lava dragon isle in the wilderness (8 rocks in total).
      • Respawn time of 30 minutes.
      • Require level 95 in mining and a dragon or better pickaxe in order to be mined.
      • Dragonite Bar:
        • Smelted by taking dragonite ore to the volcanic forge with level 95 smithing
        • Can be used on an any anvil (with a hammer) to smith:
          • Dragon arrow tips x 15 - 1 bar
          • Dragon dart tips x 10 - 1 bar
          • Dragon javelin heads x10 - 1 bar
          • Dragon bolts (unfinished) x 10 - 1 bar
          • Dragon dagger - 1 bar
          • Dragon med helm - 2 bars
          • Dragon scimitar - 2 bars
          • Dragon battleaxe - 6 bars
          • Dragon mace - 2 bars
          • Dragon long sword - 3 bars
  • "Scroll sack (o)" has been renamed to "Clue scroll sack" for clarity.
  • Fixed an issue causing crystal shards to be lost when uncharging a crystal gear item with a full inventory.
  • You can now charge the amulet of blood fury up to 30,000 by using additional blood shards.
  • Fixed arclight special attack not draining properly. It now drains 5% or 10% based on the victim's base stat level instead of their current stat level. This also indirectly fixes the Corporeal Beast "speccing down" method.
Other Changes/Fixes:
  • Corrected/added magic damage bonus for the staff of balance
  • Fixed bandosian/armadyl guardians not spawning for master coordinate clue scrolls
  • Voting:
    • Store Changes:
      • Bonus Scroll - Clues:
        • Now completion based, with each scroll allowing you to open 50 caskets.
        • Price reduced from 10 tokens to 5
      • Bonus Scroll - ToB:
        • Now gives a 10% bonus to drop rate instead of the previous 5%
      • Bonus Scroll - CoX:
        • Now gives a 20% bonus to points instead of the previous 5%
      • Raid layout tablets:
        • You can now buy x5 for 2 voting tokens.
      • Added hover-over descriptions for many of the custom items within the store
    • Automatic Voting Bonus Changes:
      • Threshold for automatic voting bonuses has been increased to 100 votes.
      • Added 5% Nex bonus (including free kc and instant teleport to the nex lobby) that activates alongside the other bonuses for one hour.
  • Pets:
    • You will now properly get duplicate pet rewards from sacrificing fire capes for the jad pet
    • There is now a buff icon showing which pet you have out and the perks it has
    • Can now be used at:
      • Vanstrom klause
      • Seren
      • Xamphur
Updates/Fixes (24/3/2022):
  • Fixed not being able to open quest log journals
  • Fixed not being able to cancel/block your slayer task properly
  • Fixed scoripia not being multi-combat
  • Fixed issues with PJing in the new singles+ area
  • Spellbook swapping from the skillcape is now permanent as intended
  • Ankou and thugs in the wilderness now drop wilderness clue scrolls
  • (Hotfixed) arceuus home teleport spell not working
  • Fixed maledictus despawning in the middle of combat
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Loving the update FELLAS ability to create dragon arrow/darts is an amazing IDEA thanks for the updates & bug fixes keep up good work team!

P.S SAY NO TO GUARDIANS! ? Clue steps got harder now ?

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