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Revert rev caves to multi as opposed to singles plus


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Rev caves has become singles+ instead of multi which is where we were before.


With the maledictus being added and more revenants added into the game, the rev caves are the highest paying items for people to farm. Where jagex have made the caves singles plus, this is geared towards single pkers that create content in the wilderness. We have reduced numbers and reduced worlds.


Singles plus is irrespective or not if you as a pvmer are safe, if you are quick enough to get the teleport off you are safe regardless. Having the caves multi would enable pvmers to turn the tides vs pkers and pkers will team up to fight pvmers.


it's a free for all playground which has risk and reward for all sides. Increasing the drop rate of rev weapons after being persistently asked about it. I hope you consider the same for multi-rev caves again.

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