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Andypandy support application


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Username: andypandy

Time played (Full client screenshot)https://ibb.co/3RcfkPF

Timezone: GMT+1 (UK)

Any past staff experience(s)?: on old old rsps servers and I was support on zenyte rsps

Why should we choose you over other applicants?: I feel like I'd be a decent fit as I tend to get along with everyone and I'm always willing to help others with anything they need even if their question is common knowledge even wiling to go so far as to take them to where they need or show them where to go what to click etc

Do you feel confident about your game knowledge?: I feel confident about the major things like bossing/skilling stuff like that but I don't really know small things like lore or where to find items that are already on the ground to pick up etc but I'm willing to learn anything needed to become better at support, played RuneScape since I was super young so I feel like I know a DECENT amount on what to do.

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