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Left click last teleport.


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I know it's possible. so lets just do it. 


Left click last teleport. give us the option to toggle last teleport and home to left click. 


It's worth it. make it a donator item or something. but lets get it added.


cant see no support for this not being in the game - huge QOL update.

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I think this would lead to more evil than good with people teleporting back up to deep wildy by accident. It could be argued that its on them, but this is a thung that already happens with the right click to last option and I think adding this would just increase it.

Even with the toggle option that you suggested I still believe that ppl would tele up in their pvm gear and potentially getting killed for it, then coming to staff for a refund. I just dont think its worth it as i think the right click to last tele is enough.


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