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Dynamic roof removal at the hovered mouse position


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A small enhancement that's inspired by the 'hover' option provided in Roof Removal plugin that's bundled with the latest Runelite.


The way the mentioned plugin works is by modifying the roof removal flags to include 'Hover' - I added a post that links to the source of this plugin for more details on how that works.

So, I would love if you added this small QoL feature and I'm presuming this wouldn't be too much work to accomplish as the plugin is pretty small; though I should mention there are two ways to accomplish this enhancement as a plugin if modifying the roof removal flags is not an easy approach for your Runelite branch...

  • Approach A:  Update/modify roof removal flags on game state change (this is more efficient as it only needs to run once each game state)
  • Approach B:  Trigger removal of the specific roof above the hovered tile;  Using a screen-to-world method to get the tile that's at your mouse position (from mouse movement event), then check tile flags for the 'TILE_FLAG_UNDER_ROOF' (aka 4)

Based this on reading the plugin source (linked below in the first post) and referring to the Runelite Constants here: 

Let me know if it's already planned or if you are open to having me write a proof of concept that is compatible with your Runelite branch, happy to help anyway I can.

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Updated explanation & source material
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To be more specific, here is the RoofRemovalPlugin responsible for this enhancement --
    ROOF_FLAG_HOVERED is the key part of the original suggestion, but the other parts of the plugin are useful too, if you wish to integrate all of it:


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