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Real life name: Dovydas
Nicknames: angrybird
Age: 23
Location: Lithuania

Are you currently in school, or working?
Right now i'm sales manager.

What do you enjoy doing in your free time besides spending time on Zaros?
Go to gym, playing other games, chilling.


Interesting facts:

-  Never had beed in Russia 😄

-  I can kill for pizza

Do you have any goals for yourself as a player for the future?

Currently, i want to feel free to enjoy the new server. Start new  chat with new friends to do activities with.

Where in your position do you feel you could improve the most?
I believe my game knowledge could be a little bit better, i always wanted to learn pk and bossing🙂 

Lastly, do you have any pets?

I have the small one who lives together with me her name Rube

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