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Blood Money (Irons)

Twisted Tea

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Currently there is no relevance for blood money for irons and I understand giving us the same shop that normies and realists have would be way to op however I think adding a decent bit of the bounty hunter rewards shop on osrs for irons with blood money seems reasonable? 

Rune pouch 

Blighted food/pots

Blighted magic spells etc!

Looting bag 


Ammunition etc? Mabye cannonballs? 

Ring imbuments?

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Blood money is currently useless on Iron Man accounts and I think a separate stock like this would be a good addition, and more incentive do to wilderness slayer for emblems.

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40 minutes ago, 5791 said:

mabye worth - mabye not.  i honestly dont pk on my ironman - so getting blood money on it or a shop is irrelevant to me personally.


U don't need to pk to get blood money lol u get emblems during wilderness slayer 


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