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Blood money/pking suggestion mutual for pvmers as well


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Blood money should increase every time you get +10 kills for example 

At 10 ks from 10 to 15 bm
At 20 ks from 15 to 25 bm
At 30 ks from 25 to 35 bm

Basically increasing for +1 per extra ks you get 

At 50 ks - 50 bm and have it cap at 50 bm
At 100 ks - 300 bm for reaching this ks and have it cap at 100 bm
(At every + 100 kills you should receive a +300 bm bonus)

If you kill people with kill streaks you should get a good amount of bm to make it worth hunting them, the amount should be triple what they're currently earning for ex.

10 ks earns 15 bm so killing someone with this - 45 bm
100 ks earns 100 bm - 300 bm for killing them

With this in place, the shop would have to be re-made ofc with some item prices increasing/some staying the same and maybe add some sort of coin pouch that you can buy 10 bm - 500k which would make sure blood money stayed at a minimum of 50k each. I think this would be another balanced suggestion considering how much gp pvmers make from the caskets etc.

I've been pking none stop for the past week and i'm at a 38 kill streak with barely anything to actually show from 30/38 of the kills and the 8 kills worth showing are from 6 pkers/2 pvmers

The pk scene has so much potential if some changes are made to where pkers can profit enough to actually want to go out and hunt people. Also I mentioned this a long time ago we need a boss that spawns in single pvp with something unique that would bring out both pkers/pvmers for it. Obviously you wont want to add anything that a current boss drops or else it makes that boss useless, something really unique like the seren's tome for example a bis custom item.

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