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Zaros Update – Economy Changes. Edgeville Bank Fighting


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Good Morning Zaros!
Today's update consists of QOL additions/changes to various pieces of content. Have a read over the update notes below and let us know what you think!
Economy Changes:
  • Trading Post:
    • The index interface has received some design changes. Statistics have been removed, space for your offers has been enlarged, and the history button is now an icon in the top right corner.
    • Buy Offers:
      • You can now post offers to BUY items. You can do this via the "Create buy offer" button in the bottom right hand corner of the index interface.
    • All offers (buy and sell) will now automatically expire after 7 days. Items will be returned to your collection box and coins will be returned to your trading post coffer.
    • The listings interface now has button toggles to switch between searching for buy offers and sell offers.
  • Wandering Trader:
    • The interface has received a facelift. Moved help button near the close button to open up space for more listings.
    • Added new items to the rotation such as nex uniques, crystal seeds, and dragonite bars.
    • Items added to the stock with a price tag of 5,000,000 coins or greater are now announced to the entire server.
  • Collection Box:
    • Added a new interface to collect items from instead of through game dialogue
  • Examining items will now tell you basic economic information about them (if available).
  • Corrected death value for many untradeable items that are variants of expensive tradeable items (such as a charged bow of faerdhinen, blade of saeldor, new ornament kit versions of scythe/sanguinesti staff)
  • You can now convert your extra experience books into cash.
Edgeville Bank Fighting:
  • Players can now right-click the portal at ::pvp to be teleported to a copy of edgeville bank with absolutely no safe zones.
  • You will receive a warning prior to being teleported.
Pet Changes:
  • Pets can now be saved and loaded to presets. The pet must be out and following you in order to be saved to the preset.
  • Olmlet now has access to the "Draca" pet perk.
  • Theatre of Blood:
    • Nylocas vasilias and prinkipas will no longer kill your thralls.
    • Spectator deaths should no longer impact death count of the team doing the raid.
  • Sarachnis:
    • Fixed minions spawning outside of the combat zone or inside of walls.
  • Bryophyta:
    • Fixed minions spawning inside of walls.
  • Magic:
    • Fixed right-click options on the spellbook swap spell not working.
    • Fixed bones to peaches being locked in the spellbook from the most recent update.
    • You can no longer cast demonbane spells on players.
    • There is now a right-click option on the npc contact spell allowing you to quick-contact the last npc you spoke to.
    • Fixed the monster examine spell using runes even when the target npc is unexaminable.
  • Hunter:
    • Implings will no longer drop the same clue each time. They will now pick a random clue from the rolled tier.
  • Fishing:
    • Fixed the anchovie/shrimp fishing spot not working at the wilderness bandit camp.
  • Prayer:
    • Retribution will no longer immediately turn off prayer effects when activated. Effects from other prayers will still be applied first to combat prior to prayers being turned off at the end of the tick.
    • New Pet! The "Holy Owl" is a skilling pet unique to prayer and obtainable when training the skill through many different activities
      • Burying bones/ashes
      • Offering bones on altars (including chaos altar)
      • Use of the ash santifier and bonecrusher
      • Ectofuntus in Phasmatys
  • Slayer:
    • Fixed not being able to imbue the new town board slayer helmets.
    • Corrected slayer ring teleports that lead to the old version of revenant caves. They are now locations within the wilderness slayer caves.
  • Thieving:
    • You can now thieve cave goblin wire in dorgeshuun with 44 thieving.
  • You can now mix and match void pieces to obtain the set effect (e.g. void knight top (or) with other non-ornamental pieces).
  • Fixed the ornamental whip special attack not working.
  • Fixed deposit-inventory on the clue scroll sack interface not working.
  • Dragonstone and inquisitor armour sets are now tradeable.
  • Fixed spirit angler pieces not being added to your collection log upon upgrading them via Gita Prymes. Players who have done this in the past will have them unlocked upon logging in.
  • Fixed a projectile issue with the cyan version of bow of faerdhinen (c) that caused players to disconnect.
  • The bonecrusher effect will now work when the bonecrusher necklace is in your inventory.
  • Fixed the mystic smoke battlestaff not giving +10% magic damage.
  • Added an additional 15% drop bonus to larran's keys when killing task monsters inside the wilderness slayer cave.
Other Changes/Fixes:
  • Group Ironman Storage:
    • Fixed an issue with deposit-x that allowed untradeables to be stored.
    • Fixed item examines not working.
  • Resolved issues where certain clue scroll tiers displayed in the drop table viewer didn't match up with what was dropped.
  • Fixed stash units in great kourend from recent map updates.
  • PID will now be shuffled every 24-36 seconds opposed to 60-90 seconds. This should provide more variation in PvP combat encounters.
  • Increased PJ timer to 12 seconds.
  • You can now cut KBD heads into 3 ensouled dragon heads.
  • Fixed sandstorm not allowing player choice for amount of buckets to claim
  • Fixed gem bags overflowing into collection boxes for UIM
  • Fixed alternative hammers (such as smithers perk) not working with mahogany homes
  • Fixed a bug in pvp where freeze immunity sometimes lasted longer than 5 ticks.
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  • developer logoHope featured and pinned this topic
11 minutes ago, Hope said:
  • You can now thieve cave goblin wire in dorgeshuun with 44 thieving.

Cauê is going to be SO happy about this change ?

(But seriously - shoutouts to @Hope for the QoL improvements!)

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2 hours ago, Hope said:
Good Morning Zaros!
Today's update consists of QOL additions/changes to various pieces of content. Have a read over the update notes below and let us know what you think!


Happy to see that I can convert XP books into something now &
Also, smooth touchdown on the Trading Post, very good addition.

Just wanted to add I'm relatively new here and the server, client, game content all feels very professional. The level of detail and cohesiveness with gameplay feels on standard with the quality of OSRS, which I found hard to find in most RSPS. Congrats on a great project!

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