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.,~*Corrupted Gauntlet & COX Service*~,.


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Title says it all, no fancy shmancy graphics or anything ?

Corrupted - 8m per run

COX - 15m per run

CG and COX are my two favorite things to do, thus the lower prices.  However, if demand becomes backlogged, they may increase a bit.


Thank you, and please vouch after your order!

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Would like to enquire about cox, if you have a discord tag please let me know.

edit: If you also know how to, along with alot of cox, potentially could be interested in tob services, if you know how/ willing to do those, just let me know, im looking for more info about your services in regards to loot and stuff, ie is the payment fixed even if someone gets rare loots such as enhanced weapon seeds, or raids drops from prayer scrolls to tbow, or do u demand extra upon recieving, if it is not 8/15m a run  and what you recieve on an iron belongs to the iron i suggest you edit this with extras you might want.  As of reading, it feels like whatever is dropped the servicee keeps (the person ur doing service for) and just wanna be sure.

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