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GIM QoL - Crystal Armor


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I believe the crystal armor from gauntlet should be more easily traded amongst gim members. Reverting the armor back to the armor seeds loses all shards. This means that every time I want to give one of my teammates the armor that I got, I am losing hundreds of crystal shards each time. It would be a lot easier if the armor acted the same way the bow of faerdhinen does, where you can uncharge it and get all your shards back based on how many remaining charges there are. This way each of my gim members still needs to grind for some shards, but they don't need to get 300+ every single time they want to use the bow and full crystal set. That would take ages each time just to get those. 

tldr; Make it so you don't lose all your shards when you revert crystal armor back to the seeds. 

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On 4/19/2022 at 6:39 PM, Zik My Zuk said:




this can be for you to decide if u wanna add or not but the other pic i posted must be added, no if buts and nos

This is just a poll I believe. Lets wait and see what the outcome is first.

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