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Herblore Bonus Scroll


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I'd like to see a scroll added to Zaros which gives the following bonus; 10% Chance to create an extra potion when training herblore.

I don't mind which way this comes into the game, it could be added to vote store or a donator perk, or even to the donator store itself. It doesn't even have to be a one time use, maybe for like 50-100 extra potions made or something along those lines.


Hopefully the community and dev team agree with this,


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Should be herb skillcape perk ngl, honestly most of the skillcapes need a rework to their perk of some sort (some are fine). Can nerf max cape to only include like 3-5 perks instead of all at once. Some skill capes are dead content, should actually have some use post 99 imo. Can even introduce 200m xp capes 

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