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Welcome to my forum post and thank you for taking the time to read this, the fact you've clicked on this means you're intrigued in the service i am offering. 

Minimum Requirements:

85+combat stats

90+ herblore (ironman) <-for super combats. 78+ Normal account. 

77+ prayer

Raid Tablets (stack of 2-3 per run (incase of rerolls)


15m per RUN - ALL loot stays on your account. IF you get an olm pet i get a *tip* 

12m per RUN - All Purples get split at a 50% rate. Pet is an added *tip* to me. 



Per Run ^



De-gear where Possible. TRIDENT is needed. 

Explanation: You pay me to do your Raids. I enjoy raiding and it's a passion for me on Oldschool (over 1k Chambers KC) Also a passion for me on here with those raid tablets (saves on scouting) You will tell me how many Raids you need doing - I will agree and figure out price and send you price over. Details will be sent across VIA Discord and any queries you have will be answered there. 

TIP will be anything ranging from 50m-infinite. 

CONTACT INFO : DM me ingame on "5791" Also can add me on discord at Kenny_Wuvs_U#1077


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