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A list of suggestions for the game


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I have recently started to play this server. I played alora for a few years on GIM mode and enjoyed it, but have now came here mostly full time. Some qol upgrades/tweaks I would like to see into the game or at the very least, considered. 



1. Change the herbi "special" perk to something a little more useful. Something like " A 10-20% chance to create a 4 dose pot instead of a 3 dose. "

2. Give Jad pet a special perk. A 1-5% dmg boost against tzhaars, 2x tokkul from defeating jad in fight caves, a 1-3% drop rate increase while in tzhaar territory, 25% shop prices in tzhaar. Something that makes jad pet worthwhile and not just a "useless" pet. 

3. Increase catch rate by certain percentages within donator zones. 

4. Increase Cooking tick speed post 99 cooking. A flat 2 tick speed can be done by spam clicking a range and spacebar, would be nice to see this able to be done without having to do this every inventory. Or perhaps a cooking pet thats perk could be along the lines of a 5% to cook all uncooked food in your inventory. 

5. Allow Legendary+ donators to Select 2 town board tasks per day.

6. Add a "Cooked food box" to slayer shop for 100 pts. Will give 50 cooked food dependent on your appropriate cooking level.

7. Add more items to the town board store. Gem bags/ herb boxes/ even a wintertodt crate. Something with supplies for ironmen.

8. A way that instance tokens can be used so you can revisit your instance. Perhaps 10 tokens for 90 mins of a rejoin-able instance.

9. The Judge of Yama is a very cool concept for a daily boss. But I would like to see coins taken off of the roll list. It sucks waiting 24hrs to kill again only to get a 500k coin drop which is very underwhelming. 

10. Wilderness teleports directly to wilderness bosses. There are a few I know of, but to see all of them would make the wildy a bit more lively for pvmers and pkers. 

I have more suggestions but wanted to list only 10 as too many at once would cause many to not read them. 

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