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6 Jad Challenge - e a s t

e a s t

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e a s t's 6 Jad Challenge service

Hello and welcome! I'll do the 6 jad challenge for you. Rewards from this challenge include the Jad pet transmog as well as a custom version of the fire cape (this can also be made into a comp cape variant):


I charge 250m for 6 jads, plus 10m per jad for each challenge below that you'd like me to complete (so 50m for 5 jads, 40m for 4 jads, etc.).


I don't have set in stone gear requirements, but please have max combat and rigour. If you're an iron, I'd strongly prefer that you have twisted bow, bofa, or acb, as well as either armadyl or void. I reserve the right to refuse service or charge more for people with insufficient gear.


If you are interested in my service, please PM me either in-game (e a s t) or on Discord (West #6277). 



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