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Spirit's HCIM Progression Thread!


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Welcome to Spirit's HCIM Progression Thread!

I'm planning on playing a normal HCIM account on release, with the initial goal of maxing, and then going for PvM drops while keeping status. Feel free to follow along this journey!


Current Short Term Goal - Untrimmed Runecrafting Cape

Current Long Term Goal - HCIM Max Cape


Spirit's Skills Progress!

spacer.png Attack (60/99) spacer.png

spacer.png Strength (82/99) spacer.png

spacer.png Defence (66/99) spacer.png

spacer.png Ranged (42/99) spacer.png

spacer.png Magic (92/99) spacer.png

spacer.png Prayer (33/99) spacer.png

spacer.png Hitpoints (73/99) spacer.png

spacer.png Runecraft (99/99) spacer.png

spacer.png Construction (65/99) spacer.png

spacer.png Agility (99/99) spacer.png

spacer.png Herblore (68/99) spacer.png

spacer.png Thieving (99/99) spacer.png

spacer.png Crafting (99/99) spacer.png

spacer.png Fletching (94/99) spacer.png

spacer.png Slayer (61/99) spacer.png

spacer.png Hunter (99/99) spacer.png

spacer.png Mining (99/99) spacer.png

spacer.png Smithing (99/99) spacer.png

spacer.png Fishing (99/99) spacer.png

spacer.png Cooking (99/99) spacer.png

spacer.png Firemaking (99/99) spacer.png

spacer.png Woodcutting (99/99) spacer.png

spacer.png Farming (99/99) spacer.png

spacer.png Total Level: 1949 / 2277 spacer.png



Spirit's Rare Drop Log!


Trident (0/1)

Kraken Tentacle (0/1)


Dharok's (0/4)

Torag's (0/4)

Verac's (0/4)

Guthan's (0/4)

Ahrim's (0/4)

Karil's (0/4)

Thermonuclear Smoke Devil

Occult Necklace (0/1)

Smoke Battlestaff (0/1)


Primordial Crystal (0/1)

Pegasian Crystal (0/1)

Eternal Crystal (0/1)

Smouldering Stone (0/2)


Magic Fang (0/1)

Tanzanite Fang (0/1)

Serpentine Visage (0/1)

Uncut Onyx (0/5)

God Wars Dungeon


Bandos Chestplate (0/1)

Bandos Tassets (0/1)

Bandos Boots (0/1)

Bandos Hilt (0/1)


Armadyl Chestplate (0/1)

Armadyl Chainskirt (0/1)

Armadyl Helmet (0/1)

Armadyl Hilt (0/1)


Armadyl Crossbow (0/1)

Saradomin's Light (0/2)

Saradomin Sword (0/1)

Saradomin Hilt (0/1)

Fight Caves

Fire Cape (0/2)

Jad Pet (0/1) [0 Total Gambles]


Infernal Cape (0/1)

Zuk Pet (0/1) [0 Total Gambles]

Alchemical Hydra

Hydra's Leather (0/1)

Hydra Tail (0/1)

Brimstone Ring (0/3)

Hydra's Claw (0/1)

Dagannoth Kings

Berserker Ring (0/1)

Archers Ring (0/1)

Seers Ring (0/1)

Dragon Axe (0/?)

The Gauntlet

Blade of Saeldor (0/1)

Gauntlet Cape (0/1)

PB: 0:00


Vorkath's Head (0/2)

Draconic Visage (0/1)

Skeletal Visage (0/1)



Spirit's Pet Collection!

Total Pet's: 0 / 46


Pet Screenshots:


Spirit's Miscellaneous Drops!

Dragon Warhammer (0/1)

Imbued Heart (0/1)

Dragon Chainbody (0/1)

Godsword Blade (0/3) [0/4]



Let me know what you guys think! I'm hoping this will be a fun thread to read through as the server progresses, and maybe encourage some others to try out Ironman!



Spirit ❤️

Edited by Spirit
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