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Zaros Update – QOL/Bug Fix Focuses, Kingdom of Miscellania!


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Good morning, everyone! This update focuses primarily on QOL changes and bug fixes but also features a highly requested piece of content by ironmen; Kingdom of Miscellania! Have a read over the notes below and let us know what you think.
Zaros Bingo #2:
Kingdom of Miscellania:
  • You can now utilize assets of the kingdom and send your subjects to work! Visit Advisor Ghrim in the kingdom castle to get started.
  • The system follows closely 1:1 with OSRS, so more in-depth information can be found on the wiki page https://oldschool.runescape.wiki/w/Managing_Miscellania minus a few custom changes, as noted below:
    • Non-donators get access to 10 workers/subjects while donators ($10+) get access to 15 workers and access to etceteria resources (hardwoods and farming patch).
    • Each "day" in the kingdom increments at exactly 0:00 UTC for everyone.
    • A new pet "Sweeper" is rolled once you open the collection/rewards interface. The rate directly depends on the amount of days/rewards you have saved up, with longer streaks awarding a better chance for the pet.
      • No unique perk currently
      • 45 pet rating
Collection Log Changes:
  • We sat down and took the time to remove over 200 items in the collection log that couldn't be obtained. Items have either been individually removed from certain sections or instead you'll find entire sections removed altogether.
    • Duplicate items (e.g. abyssal whip that is in both in the sire log and slayer log) are now part of the divisible count. Previously, only one of the items was considered to be part of the "total" possible items. As a result, some of you might have an increased completed count as the duplicates are now part of that number.
    • The following sections have been added:
      • Battle mages
      • Skilling Outfits
  • Added a new overview interface for the collection log based on a popular reddit suggestion thread. The interface will show your overall progress in each of the five collection log sections.
  • Completing sections in your collection log will now once again announce to the entire server! The following sections WILL NOT announce:
    • Bryophyta, Obor, Shooting Stars, Rooftop Agility, Motherlode Mine, Cyclopes (defenders), Chaos Druids, Pest Control, Fight Caves, and Inferno
  • Evil chicken pieces will now properly count in your log.
  • Chambers of Xeric:
    • You can now use alternative hammers (pet perk, dragon warhammer, ect) on jewelled crabs.
    • Corrected Great Olm's damage modifier for automatic attacks. Previously it was combining states which made the damage slightly higher than it should be.
    • Iron axes, Iron Pickaxes, and Lockpicks are now added to the supply chest during raids masses.
    • Fixed the iron pickaxe spawn not working in the Guardians room.
    • Tightrope:
      • Added a slight 1 tick delay before you are first attacked when crossing the tightrope.
      • Incoming impacts are now negated immediately after dispersing the barrier.
    • Thralls will now grant you points from damage dealt.
  • Theatre of Blood:
    • Fixed blood spawns at maiden not clearing blood trails after death.
  • Inferno:
    • Jal Zek will no longer kill your thralls.
  • Alchemical Hydra:
    • Added new auto-attack phase transitioning animations.
  • Vanstrom Klause:
    • Added a quick "Fight" option to vanstrom in the lobby to skip dialogue.
  • Magic:
    • Fixed thralls causing issues in PvM combat relating to aggression and pjing.
  • Mining:
    • Salt rocks now give the proper amounts upon each successful mine.
    • Gems received from mining (sapphire, emerald, ruby, diamond) are now more weighted versus all being the same rate (sapphire are now more common than the rest for example).
  • Fixed graceful capes being incorrectly recolored when selecting the "Agility arena" variant.
  • You can now store abyssal whip variants in the draynor stash unit.
  • Explorers Ring 1+
    • Added Hops patches
  • Explorers Ring 2+
    • Added Bush patches
  • Defence requirements have been removed for all blessed dragonhide chaps and bracers.
  • Fixed defense requirement for dragon chain-bodies.
Other Changes/Fixes:
  • Guards in falador will no longer drop easy clues
  • Using pets with presets will no longer remove placeholders in your bank for those pets.
  • Fixed pets not being able to swap from following to the inventory and vice versa in certain presets.
  • Holy owl can now be stored in the POH menagerie.
  • Fixed ultimate ironmen not being able to withdraw noted gems from the gem bag.
  • The "accept/cancel" buttons on the flower poker interface will now go into a 3 second "waiting" state once a bet has changed, preventing quick-action scams.
  • Ironmen can now purchase items from Agumundi's Quality Clothes.
  • Fixed miscellaneous time formatting for various items such as imbued heart cool-down, prospecting ores, and dragon-fire shield recharging.
  • You can now search pets dropped by npcs in the drop table viewer.
  • Players who boost our discord server and link their account through our website now have access to the purple skin color in-game. Please note: If you stop boosting, your purple skin color will be removed in-game.


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What a turnaround this server had, it was in a really dark place but people rebuilt it the way it should be done and as it was being requested. Thank you for being humble to listen to feedback and get the server back going the fantastic way it is nowadays. I really appreciate it, thank you for all the hard work yall put in.



Proud Co-Founder of the ice cc!

 KP / King Purple / Purple

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