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Harmonised staff rework


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Ever since the release of book of the dead (which doubles thralls damage), the Harmonised Nightmare Staff has indirectly lost its use at all the places you would use it. Because thralls are just that much better with the book of dead. I can tell that in the Nightmare alone, having thralls (+sang) during the whole fight will speed up your kills alot more than having fire surge+Harmonised. Never really done any other dps calculations but i wouldnt be suprised if a toxic trident+ thralls outdpses the HNS. This used to be one of the most wanted items in the game for its high dps at alot of places (zulrah, cox (very very splashy at olm might i add) nightmare etc). But right now, thralls have taken over by getting  a (1/100?) drop at xamphur.  I wish something was done so that Harmonised staff can be buffed and still be best in slot in certain places. Maybe even as strong as sang+thralls, sang has a passive healing effect and harmonised is pure dmg so imo it would make sense. 

I would appreciate some dps calcs with different combinations (with/without) thralls to see where every mage weapon stands atm. 

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13 minutes ago, Zik My Zuk said:

Just make harm staff chargeable like sang where its charged spell is the fire surge. Can use book of dead and other spellbooks with it after.

+1, feel like harm staff isnt biss due to thralls/book of the dead. Doesnt feel right.

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harm doesnt come close with the buff of thralls, even without the book thralls beat the harm in most places, not to mention we have seren's tome too which is a significant upgrade for the offhand slot on trident like weapons

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