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great small and big ideas !!


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money pouch like rs3 so you can always have your money on you without taking an inventory spot as well as tool belt if possible ?? might be asking to much

UIM grave stone timer would be nice

increase the max town board level to keep it going?

MORE tasks for town board, its the same old tasks over and over and half\most tasks are like shrimp or normal or oak logs 

really wish corrupted gauntlet was a safe death for hardcores or at least normal mode gauntlet. or maybe add practice mode so its a safe death ?

options to solo wintertodt and\or tempoross if possible?

some kind of barrows bonuses to make it either faster or better look rates or something so maybe its better the higher donator you are?

slayer casket tiers like 1 though 5 or something, the better casket the rarer it is the better loot and maybe you have to kill the higher level slayer monsters for them?

bonfires like in rs3 would be great!!!! 

maybe skilling caskets like slayer caskets and the loot would be random materials or something?

event bosses or maybe event skilling things?

skill calculator plugin that you can adjust what your current xp rate it? 

more trading post spots the higher donator rank you are?

some kind of thing that deletes items out of the game that you sacrifice to it but in return it gives you points for either other items in a shop or upgrades to something? well of goodwill some rsps have.

transferring donator rank would be great so if you died on a hardcore or want to restart for whatever reason on any account you can transfer it of Crouse without getting store points again 


all i can think of right now


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