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Trying to install the game on my chromebook

Hayes Again

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HI there


i recently had an unfortunate incident occur which resulted in me losing my laptop and i am now unable to play 😞 i have the mobile app but i cannot play properly on it, i had the same issue with osrs mobile, i just cant work with a screen that small


i have managed to find a chromebook which belonged to a relative who has very kindly allowed me to use it, however i am struggling to install anything rs related on it


i have read some forums and some frequently asked questions, and most if not all of them have informed me to try using the linux OS but again, i am not much of a computer guy so i have no idea how to work any of it.


could i please have any help or suggestions which will help me get online? :)


many thanks


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Hello @Hayes Againhopefully this will work for you. 


  1. Go to Settings > Linux (Beta) > Install Linux

  2. Once Linux is downloaded, search "Terminal" in the launcher located in the bottom left corner of the screen and open it.

  3. In the terminal, type "sudo apt install default-jdk" (no quotation marks) and press enter. This installs Java onto Linux, letting it read Java and .jar files.

  4. Download the Jar launcher for Zaros

  5. Once your launcher is downloaded, go to My Files > Downloads.

  6. Locate the launcher's files, and move each one to My Files > Linux Files. This allows Linux to access these files.

  7. Open terminal back up. Now, type in "java -jar [filename]" (e.g, if you installed RuneLite, you would type in "java -jar RuneLite.jar"). This should launch OSRS. Any time you want to open RuneScape, just type in "java -jar [filename]" into the Linux terminal and it will launch. Keep in mind, this command can only run jar files. 

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