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Getting ready for Launch!


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If you have not already, make sure to have created a forum account, this will be the way you login to the game with 😄


Download the client here: https://zaros.io/download.

If you choose to use the .jar file, make sure you have the correct and updated Java version: https://www.java.com/en/download/


For example if you have a Windows system 64-bit make sure to grab the x64 version of Java 😄


If you are unsure of which version you have on WIndows, you can view it via the About section: Right Click Windows Icon in bottom left and click System...



Good luck guys and gals on release!!




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Thanks for this mate, certainly help a lot of people out, making it fairer to get in at the same time! 😄



Regular Account - Wallis = 2117/2277


Realist Account - Real Wallis = 0/2277


Have a great day and continue to smile 🙂 And REMEMBER to Vote 🙂

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