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antique emblems

Tuxedo Mask

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currently as an ironman antique emblems are useless which you will get if you do wilderness slayer. my proposal is to let us trade them in like other players can but give us the option for cash and slayer pts or just honestly give us slayer pts.



my second idea for this is revamp the wildy slayer system maybe add items to a shop for ironmen where we can trade the emblems for pts and get items that we can only get from lms currently

an example would be seed pod or msb i scroll



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20 hours ago, FatFuck said:

I had a similar idea a while back never posted because I forgot I def +1 this 

thank you, I have played other servers that did the same thing and it made wildy slayer something you wanted to do because emblem chasing unlocked rewards like seed pod blighted pots etc stuff for wildy

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