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Red topaz machete

G a n k

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Can we declare the fact that the red topaz machete is the bis weapon for 1 attack people, it's really good until we unlock the slayer staff at 55 slayer, but for a uim we have no bis weapon which is the red topaz machete, i spent 1 hour trying to make one i had the 3 cut topaz and 1 machete, but gabooty was no where to be found, he should make your machetes for you if you got the topaz and machete, trading sticks shouldn't matter since you can use the hardgrove treees without trading sticks


All i'm saying is either add gabooty in karamja, or add Red topaz machetes to the melee shop and allow iron men to have the machete also. because I've been trying for over an hr to get one realising i couldn't after gathering materials etc...


Would be great thank you!

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