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doomsayer & cox suggestions (from discord)


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I've put all these suggestions down below. They're from discord but since that channel can get spammed with messages, it's easier for devs to keep track of them here.

- Instead of giving infinite spellbook swaps, the doomsayer's incantations book adds an option to the book of dead: summon thralls. Without the need of runes or having to be on the arceuus spellbook. It is after all a 3 million point upgrade.

- Could add an additional compartment to the current sweet machine or a npc that allows you to exchange other coloured sweets in a 2:1 ratio to any sweet of ur choosing excluding purp sweets ofc. Currently the coloured sweets are very costly to use. up to 60k per sweet (no matter which colour) and when some are useless (subjective, but not really), the others become even more expensive.

-  An ingame visual to show all the items a player has already sacrificied to doomsayer.

- Make the coloured sweets more balanced, so that not only 2-3 are usefull and the others collect dust.


- Mage Vanguard hit too hard. Vanguard range of aggro is too big.

- Buchu plants die way too fast which makes bigger group raids barely doable.

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