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Summer of Events²


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Hello everyone,

Welcome to the Summer of Events.

What is the Summer of Events you might ask? Every single day of July and August there will be a different randomly picked 24 hour bonus applied, I have gone ahead and used a random number generator to pick the order, after all the bonuses have been used, we'll start again from the top. Weekend of Events will still be stocked with other events/bonuses, so don't worry!

July 1st: Nightmare Bonus
July 2nd: Bonus Sepulchre Loot
July 3rd: Bonus Golden Nuggets
July 4th:  Bonus EXP
July 5th: Bonus Slayer Drops(Superior Rate, Superior Unique Drop Rate and Casket Drop Rate)
July 6th: Bonus Molch Pearls
July 7th: Bonus LMS Points
July 8th: Bonus Chambers of Xeric Points
July 9th: Bonus Incoming Gold
July 10th: Bonus Pet Rates
July 11th: Bonus Drop Rates
July 12th: Bonus Fishing Rates
July 13th: Bonus Gauntlet 
July 14th: Bonus Wintertodt Points
July 15th: Bonus Birdhouse Timer
July 16th: Bonus Carpenter Points
July 17th:  Bonus Pest Control Points
July 18th: Bonus Slayer Points
July 19th: Bonus Clue Scrolls
July 20th: Bonus Theater of Blood
July 21st: Bonus Runecrafting(Runes Obtained)
July 22nd: Bonus Blood Money
July 23rd: Bonus Zalcano
July 24th: Bonus Town Board XP
July 25th: Bonus Barrows
July 26th: Bonus Nex
July 27th: Bonus Tempoross
July 28th: Bonus Town Board Points
July 29th: Bonus Gauntlet 
July 30th: Bonus Carpenter Points
July 31st: Bonus Chambers of Xeric Points

August 1st: Bonus LMS Points
August 2nd: Bonus Molch Pearls
August 3rd: Bonus Incoming Gold
August 4th: Bonus Fishing Rates
August 5th: Bonus EXP
August 6th: Bonus Sepulchre Loot
August 7th: Bonus Wintertodt Points
August 8th: Nightmare Bonus
August 9th: Bonus Birdhouse Timer
August 10th: Bonus Slayer Drops(Superior Rate, Superior Unique Drop Rate and Casket Drop Rate)
August 11th: Bonus Pet Rates
August 12th: Bonus Drop Rates
August 13th: Bonus Pest Control Points
August 14th:  Bonus Golden Nuggets
August 15th: Bonus Slayer Points
August 16th: Bonus Blood Money
August 17th: Bonus Clue Scrolls
August 18th: Bonus Nex
August 19th: Bonus Runecrafting(Runes Obtained)
August 20th: Bonus Tempoross
August 21st: Bonus Theater of Blood
August 22nd: Bonus Town Board Points
August 23rd: Bonus Barrows
August 24th: Bonus Zalcano
August 25th: Nightmare Bonus
August 26th: Bonus Town Board XP
August 27th: Bonus Slayer Points
August 28th: Bonus Pet Rates
August 29th: Bonus Incoming Gold 
August 30th: Bonus Chambers of Xeric Points
August 31st: Bonus Theater of Blood

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On 7/1/2022 at 6:09 AM, Do om said:

I feel that weekend events should be 24hrs in general.

Agreed. Never understood why they only lasted for 12 hours. I'd imagine people in weird timezones don't even get to utilize a lot of that time.

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