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Minor Improvements = Better Performing Game.


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I will be adding to this post as I play this server. I just started and found a couple little things that I feel would make this server just a little bit more "Complete"
none of these are game changing improvements but they are things that should work.


1. The Take-Axe from Log at the Chicken Coop located in Lumbridge. Just simply making it add an axe to the player's inventory and changing to the axe-less stump for however many cycles necessary.

2. Make "AGE aka Time Played" feature operational when talking to Hans.

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I'll do my best to edit and add alternative/already existing ways!


All axes can be easily obtained at "Bob" north west of ::home/::edge or the home teleport spell (first one) at the general store location

There is a played time counter in your statistics panel in-game

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