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Username: "gl"

Time played   ui4X8nY.png

Timezone: UTC -4 (EST)

Any past staff experience(s)?: Helper/Support rank on a few small servers over the years but nothing major.

Why should we choose you over other applicants?: I love to help people. I am very active on Zaros and always trying to my best to help people in our Support chat. I believe I could be an asset to the staff team as I am always trying to learn more about the tiny parts of the server and to use my knowledge to help our community and make it a better place for newcomers and older players alike. I am super easy to get along with and I love joking around, but when the time comes I know how to be serious and do what has to be done. I know there may be things I have to learn if given this opportunity, which I would be more than happy to do.

Do you feel confident about your game knowledge?: As I am becoming an older player, and learning more and more about the server over time, and still trying to learn more as I said above, I am very confident in my game knowledge and my ability to answer questions or who to refer someone to if they come to me for help.

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