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Pet Perk "Presets/Loadouts"

Zuk my Zik

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Randomly thought of this and i feel like it would be a pretty dope idea as sometimes there's more then 1 useful unique perk on a pet but hard to squeeze all the perks you want onto the same pet so i thought how about a way to have different "presets" of perks on the same pet so for example using Doominion as an example and with it being a 5 perk pet and having 2 useful unique perks that could be useful in completely different scenarios you could roll the berserker unique perk and all dps perks onto 1 preset but then roll the demon damage perk and all dps perks onto another preset, This then allows for pets to have much more versatility and options as you would be able to select different presets for different pieces of content but would still have to roll for those perks on those presets meaning that there will be a larger consumption of pet tokens and end game players with no use for pet tokens/town board points would be more incentivised to continue completing townboard tasks to get more pet tokens even though they're max level townboard.

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