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Add the ability to pick our slayer tasks?


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you could make it cost x amount of points or a permanent unlock for like 10k points or something ridiculous, or a 200m exp reward or something. Might be too "easyscape" and that's a fair argument. idk, just frustrated with spending thousands of points and still not getting the tasks I want.


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I think this is lowkey a fantastic idea, missing it already from RS3 

120 Slayer in RS3 has the perk of "The Slayer master cape gains a new perk that gives a 20% chance to choose what a new task will be from a Slayer master."

Think it's a nice compromise since it ain't guaranteed and is only a chance.

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7 hours ago, Kee said:

I personally dont want this added, i think the perk from 99 giving u the 10% chance for repeat task is enough. Would also kill slayer skips. 

 Agreed, a lot of voting tokens and store credits (on iron accs) go towards slayer skips. 


 Also you can use the slayer task storage to keep a task saved like Nex then after you finish it you can easily get another with the 10% perk and just re-store the task when you're done with the session. 

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Sadly we do need to keep slayer skips relevant and picking our task sounds great but when it comes down to selecting what we want to do means most would go for the most efficient method possible therefore certain locations will forever be crowded leaving casual players out of luck.

Following on from Kemdox, upping the % chance for the slayer cape could be an option for (x) Slayer Points. I'm happy to forward on this idea and see where it goes as i do think this is a great suggestion however, it may end up being introduced into donor ranks which personally, given how good 20% would be as our current slayer cape provides 15%.. seems more fitting.



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