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Zaros Updates [19/8/2022]


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Happy Friday, Zaros! Today's update brings a more challenging version of Zulrah, new speed records to compete for, and a bunch of bug fixes and QOL changes. Have a read over the notes and let us know what you think!
Speed Records:
  • Previously, speed records were recorded in-game per world and were only available for a handful of bosses and activities. We've decided to expand this system above and beyond what OSRS offers.
  • Speed records can now be attempted for the following bosses/activities:
    • Zulrah (normal and hard), Vorkath, Grotesque Guardians, Alchemical Hydra, Zalcano, Inferno (waves 1-69 and waves 67-69), Nightmare (regular and phosani), Skotizo, Fight Caves (jad), Mimic, Hespori, Vanstrom Klause, Fragment of Seren, Xamphur (normal and hard), Judge of Yama, Gauntlet (normal and corrupted), Hallowed Sepulchre (floors 1-5), Ket-Rak's Challenges (1-6), Tempoross, and Nex.
  • Aside from improving your personal records, the game will now broadcast if you have beaten a global speed record. These broadcasts will now also be broadcasted on discord.
  • All personal speed records have been wiped clean. Global speed records for all activities except chambers of xeric and theatre of blood have been wiped clean.
  • You can now view your own speed records through the command ::speed or ::speedrecords
  • We will work on adding global speed records for each boss/activity to the website highscores in the future. In the meantime, global records for all bosses can be viewed with the command ::globalspeed or ::globalspeedrecords
Zulrah Hard Mode:
  • Combat level increased to 906 (previously 725)
  • Hitpoints increased to 625 (previously 500)
  • Immune to bleed damage, recoil damage, and vengeance
  • Attack speed increased to 2 ticks (previously 3)
  • Mechanics:
    • New Zulrah Form: Toxic
      • In this form, Zulrah starts out attacking with range and will switch styles each time after spawning a snakeling.
      • Snakelings spawned by this form are immune to recoil damage and will heal zulrah for the amount of damage they deal to you. Make sure you get rid of them quickly!
      • This form has been inserted two times (one near the start and one right before jad phases) into all four rotations. Players will still be able to recognize which rotation they are on based on patterns from normal mode.
    • Poison clouds deal more damage and will heal zulrah for the same amount of damage dealt to you. They last 12 ticks instead of the normal 18 ticks since Zulrah's attack speed is sped up.
    • Unless killed by recoil or other damage, the Snakelings spawned will last for 60 seconds instead of the normal 40 seconds.
    • Pillars have been removed from the map, there are no longer any safe spots.
  • Rewards:
    • Buffed loot table
      • Increased quantities
      • Removed junk items
      • Added new resources and alchables
    • Improved rates for unique/tertiary items/pet
    • Toxic Dust
      • Use this on your pet snakeling to unlock a new variant to metamorph into
Bingo #3:
  • Based on the poll results from last month, Bingo will now be held once per month starting on the 1st of each month and lasting three weeks. The next upcoming bingo will start on September 1st at 12:00 UTC.
  • Chambers of Xeric:
    • From popular request, you can now rearrange items within private storage chests
  • Theatre of Blood:
    • Fixed verzik vitur sometimes being able to attack thralls
    • Added missing dwarf weed to the common loot table
    • Verzik p2 - Increased the distance for lightning ball to 8 tiles (from 7). This means it will now search up to 8 tiles away from you to find a teammate to travel towards.
  • Tempoross:
    • Fixed not getting 25 soaked pages from receiving a duplicate fish barrel after having crafted a fish sack barrel.
  • Xamphur:
    • Fixed safespots caused by the "your fate is in my hands" special attack
    • Reduced health of challenge mode to 900 hitpoints (previously 1250)
    • Increased frequency of special attacks in challenge mode
  • Removed consecration seed from moss giant table
  • Incoming damage to venenatis will now be capped to 8 when she is inside a single-way area
  • Fixed corp basher being able to be used while the corporeal beast is respawning
  • Fixed drop table for kurasks in the iorwerth dungeon
  • Corrected drop rates for the ancient ceremonial set
  • Kalphite queen now drops super combat potions (2)
  • Prayer:
    • You can now utilize 1-tick prayer offering on POH altars
  • Magic:
    • Fixed rune requirements for arceuus teleport spells
  • Mining:
    • Halved respawn times for rocks in the mining guild
  • Slayer:
    • Added slayer unlock for "I wildy more slayer", allowing players to toggle off the recently added new NPCs in the wilderness slayer cave.
    • Superior slayer monsters will now always drop larran's key inside the wilderness slayer cave.
    • Fixed the task-only smoke devil area not being multi-combat.
  • Golden secateurs now work when pruning growthlings at byrophyta and harvesting the herbiboar
  • Fixed dragonstone armour, eternal amulet of glory, and DFH from pyre ships not being added to the collection log when received.
  • The ardougne max cape now carries effects from the ardounge diary cape(s)
  • Fixed the town board not tracking extra logs received from kandarin headgear
  • Increased maximum charge on doomsayer's book of the dead from 1,000 to 10,000
  • The ring of wealth will now automatically pick up wilderness slayer caskets
Other Changes/Fixes:
  • Wilderness Slayer Cave:
    • Fixed new supply items not dropping from monsters on the north half of the area
  • Fixed certain wilderness teleports not working correctly
  • Fixed the hosidius mess (hard) stash unit
  • Added new death messages for hardcore ironmen. Hardcore deaths are now also broadcasted on discord
  • The nexling perk can no longer be charged up via combat dummies
  • Added a terror dog room in tarn's lair for those wishing to kill them without having to fight the boss. Simply use the same door as you would to fight tarn and select "Terror Dogs".
  • Brightened secondary colors on the new Group Ironman icons to make them more distinguishable
  • Improved message format when opening mystery boxes. You can now distinguish the rewards you receive from examine messages when clicking the available items.
  • Corrected drop rates for basilisk and cockatrice heads. These rates will also now be modified by your drop rate bonus.
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  • Developer
5 minutes ago, xgenkingas said:

Okay now i need to update my zaros app, but where? Jar file doesnt opening

The client has not been updated. Server is still offline and being updated. When it comes back on you'll be able to resume using your normal client.

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10 minutes ago, Hope said:
  • Theatre of Blood:
    • Fixed verzik vitur sometimes being able to attack thralls
    • Added missing dwarf weed to the common loot table
    • Verzik p2 - Increased the distance for lightning ball to 8 tiles (from 7). This means it will now search up to 8 tiles away from you to find a teammate to travel towards.


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