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Runelite plugin: Bank Tag Layouts [Plugin hub]

HC Gains

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What is your suggestion?: Bank tag layouts (Runelite feature).


As you can see it overrides your bank tabs so you can place items wherever you want in the bank tag section without it disturbing where the items originally are. Also it removes the seperators between each bank tabs.
One addition to this which is great is that you can right click an item to duplicate it, so you can see it at two locations in the bank tag (see the coins). Really good for setting up your bank for anything you are doing, if it is clue hunting, gearing up for PvM, PvP etc...
It is my favorite plugin from the pluginhub.


Is this in OSRS?: Yes in the plugin hub

How would this benefit Zaros?: It makes for better organizing of bank and anything to make it better to gear up makes for a huge QOL in my eyes.

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