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Runelite plugin hub: Custom Menu Swaps [Not the regular Menu Entry Swapper]

HC Gains

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Runelite in OSRS has had a cool plugin in plugin hub for a good while now. By far the best QOL plugin I use.

Purpose: Select individual commands for left and shift click, aswell as hide certain actions.

What do I mean?

Example of a command (one per line): "Buy-10, Barley Seed"
This command would now whenever I go to left-click barley seed in any place where Buy-10 is an option it will be the default left click.

This can be used for banking per item, doing the "Withdraw-X" command is interesting, because you gotta do it on two line to get the thing you want.
Example: I want to withdraw 14 coals:
"Withdraw-X, Coal"
"Withdraw-14, Coal"
Those two lines is how you do it, but you will still need to enter the number into the chatbox of 14 before it will withdraw 14. How this works?
It selects the last command, here "Withdraw-14, Coal". When that is not available in the menu, then it selects "Withdraw-X, Coal" so you write in the number.

You can do it for drop and for "Use, Cannonball -> Cannon *", which will prioritize using cannonballs on cannon over any other object obstructing the view.
This is so nice when you are in an area with big NPC that might obstruct the view for cannons. Also I use this for farm runs when I have snapegrass planted, so herb seeds will prioritize the herb patch:
"Use, * Seed -> * Patch".


Another great feature on this plugin is the command box for hiding actions on objects:

If you are in Draynor Manor to plant Belladonna seed for pet hunting, then doing the "Chop down, Dead tree" in Hide command box is so amazing imo.
Then whenever you left click a dead tree, the chop down selection is not there so you will have "walk here" instead.


Picture of the plugin:




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  • extreme donator logoHC Gains changed the title to Runelite plugin hub: Custom Menu Swaps [Not the regular Menu Entry Swapper]

Well in new revision of the Runelite client which apparently comes out in some weeks have that new menu entry swapper, where that is a regular function in the menu entry swapper.

But yeah you could do this on this swapper if you prefer to.

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