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Group event bosses


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I think it would be fun to have unique random event bosses that can include all pvm bosses solo or group bosses set up in a instance and had predetermined gear similar to tournaments. Where you go threw a portal and stats and gear are changed . It would be safe for all accounts and loot buffed but bosses also buffed. Deaths would remove you from unique loot pool but still get rolls at general loot at chest near entrance portal.


Ex would be classic kbd. 

Taking runescape back to classic runescape where full rune dragon med helm and dragon long/ dagger was end game gear. Certain prayers locked and levels ajusted to be mid 70s atk,str,def. Since the community could all join it would scale similar to raids as far as health and damage. Equipment would reflect early days and i think it could be fun and challenging.  When was the last time you saw a group of rune bois 20+ massing the kbd. 


The challengs could also rotate.  Could be one kill most damage gets best rolls 

Or low gear and lms type where the boss will respawn and the last player alive will get best rolls so that way it focuses more on inv and health management than overall dps. 

Boss mechanics could be slightly changed to include aoe attacks from single target to help level more people . 

Imagine 50 people fighting a king giant mole all running around chasing and looking for it. Or even a buffed goblin but we only get 5 sharks and a bronze dagger 

The rabbit boss thats lvl 2 is a prime example of this mechanic  as its a lvl 2 that you think... why would this tiny thing be a boss?. Until you attack it see 2k hp and it backflip kicks you back to lumberidge faster than you can blink.

Idk it might be more on the custom side and less osrs side but i think it would be fun 


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